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Trinity is re-opening

Returning to worship at Trinity Methodist Church, during the COVID-19 pandemic

We are pleased to welcome you back to Trinity for Sunday worship, starting from 1st November 2020. The decision to return to Trinity has been taken by Church Council after careful consideration of a COVID-19 risk assessment and the measures being taken to ensure that our church is COVID-19 secure. These measures are described below:

To keep everyone safe please observe the following procedures:
Please do not come into church if you think you may have symptoms of Covid-19 or if you have been in contact with anyone else suffering symptoms in the last 10 days.

One Way System
We have instituted a one-way system around the church. Please use the front door to enter. Exit will be through the main hall doors, please follow the signs.

Face coverings
The use of face coverings is compulsory unless you are exempt under UK Government Guidelines.

Hand sanitising stations are available in the New Room and by the exit in the hall. Please use as you enter and before you leave

Test and Trace
In order to comply with the Government’s Test and Trace arrangements, we will be recording when you attend worship. If we know your contact details, we will ‘tick’ you in. If we do not have your details, we will ask you to supply them. This record will be kept securely for 21 days, when it will be destroyed.

Service Books, Hymn books and Bibles
All books have been removed. If you prefer to use a book instead of the projected worship on the screen, please take the book home with you and use it whenever you visit.

Keep 2m Apart
Seating has been arranged so that we use every other pew. You will be shown to your seat by a steward. At the end of the service, please wait for a steward to invite you to leave.

For safety reasons there will no collection plate passed round. There will be a collection plate as you leave the church. The plate will then be put in a safe place for a week before the money is counted to protect those who are counting.

Sadly, singing is not allowed in church, but we will make sure that music will be played either on the organ or from videos.

Communion will be by continuous flow when invited by the communion steward. There will be no communion rail, so communion will be taken while standing. Face coverings may be removed while taking communion

In order to decrease the risk of virus contamination, please:

  1. Sanitise your hands on entering toilet
  2. After use, clean the toilet flush handle, the cubicle door lock and handle, the toilet seat using the alcohol wipes or sanitising spray provided. Place wipes or paper towels in bins provided outside the cubicles
  3. Wash your hands with soap and warm water, dry hands with paper towel and use the towel to turn off the tap. Place the towel in the bin.
  4. Exit without touching doors

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